Because it is used in a variety of applications to say that crane, there is a kind lot. I will explain all-terrain cranes, crawler cranes, truck cranes, rough terrain crane, a mobile crane.


6輪以上の走行用台車にクレーン装置を架装、走行用の運転室とクレーン操作用の運転室が別になっているのでクレーン操作がしやすくなっています。トラッククレーン / ラフテレーンクレーン両方の利点を併せ持ち、不整地〜高速道路まで走行能力が高く、大型機種でありながら小回りも利くので、狭い現場で大きなクレーン能力が必要な場合に多く使われています。公道走行時はクレーン部分とキャリヤ部分を2〜3分割に解体します。

It becomes easier to crane operation bodywork the crane equipment, the cab of the crane operation and cab for traveling because it is separate from the running for carriage of six or more wheels. It combines the advantages of track crane / Rough Terrain Crane both, running capacity is increased to an all-terrain-highway, adaptable because sharp while being a large model, and it is often used when a large crane capacity is required in a narrow field. Disassemble the 2-3 split the carrier portion and a crane part on public roads at the time.



(Slinging work, Certificate of Completion of slinging skill training separately) is required mobile crane operator's license in order to move large hanging driver's license, a load Upon road.



Kato Works Co., Ltd., Krupp (Germany), Globe (USA), Kobelco Cranes, Tadano, Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane, telex, such as Liebherr (Germany)



It used to work a variety of applications and running track, such as iron in (crawler), construction work, construction of bridges, civil engineering, such as cargo handling, use multiple units at the same time in many cases. While it exhibits a superior mobility in soft ground, because the running speed is slow, number acquisition can not be even a small, some of which are not self-propelled a public road seem to be many.


【小型】ミニクローラークレーンとも呼ばれ、分類上吊上げ荷重4.9t未満のものが小型と呼ばれます。伸縮式ブームが多く、ほとんどが後部からレバー操作で移動するタイプですが、比較的大きいタイプは乗用型も存在します。カニクレーン / クモクレーンとも呼ばれる。


Also referred to as [small] mini crawler crane, those of less than 4.9t load is called the small lifting classification. Telescoping boom in many cases, it is the type that most moves lever operation from the rear, but the relatively large type also exists riding. It is also called crane crab / spider crane.

Some of 1,000 t emissions than when it comes to something ~ special hanging 800t those of large large-sized, it can travel while lifting the load, but from another (assembly assembled in situ by decomposition when transporting on public roads small crane is required in many cases). To prevent toppling, to gain a counter weight on the opposite side to lifting. Counterweight is in another vehicle thing of very large, to run an arc above to match the turning of the crane.



(Slinging work, Certificate of Completion of slinging skill training separately) is required, such as mobile crane operator's license and small mobile crane skill training course certificate of completion in order to move the hanging load. During road driver's license (usually, large and Daitoku) Required.



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The truck crane has a driving performance comparable to the track, constraints such driving conditions is less than the wheel crane other. On the relationship between the operation license, hanging 4,9 t and 2,9 t hanging is often, hanging 20t little overhead and is sold. For large models, each Studio are being reduced in demand for wheel crane, had produced a dedicated chassis are no longer in effect the current production.






There are many variations .

■ Truck Crane
And as it was the bodywork the crane equipment to track commercially available , there separately from the cab of the travel , the cab of the crane operation . It is often used in the field of small - to large-sized models to focus on crane performance and high-speed running .

■ vehicle loading crane type track ( cargo crane )
With those bodywork crane small devices between the bed and cab of the truck and make the side of the vehicle , remote-control , or RC -type crane operation . Equipped with a cargo carrier for cranes and equipment of the product for wholesale , transport from the heavy lifting in the field with one , and doing the three roles of the loading and unloading of cargo , those of less than 3t often lifting capability . Known as UNIC .

■ wrecker type track crane
Jib length is usually about 10m in what was the bodywork outrigger , a crane device chassis was reinforced with sub-frame . I am equipped Pintorufukku of accident car tow , and winch to the chassis rear . It is common to be used wrecking traffic accident car , the broken-down car , and installation work of machinery and equipment in the building .



(Slinging work, of slinging skill training separately, such as mobile crane operator's license and small mobile crane skill training course certificate of completion in order to move hung driver's license (usually, large and Daitoku), the load is when on public roads you need Diploma).


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